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Special COVID-19 Coverage

Hello Portland Community! These are stressful times and we’ve had lots of inquiries about how the sewn-goods community can help with the current shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) at hospitals and healthcare facilities. We have no first-hand knowledge of how to make FDA approved gowns, face masks or eye shields.

BUT, in our role as a connector of all things, we have set up a Slack channel in order to facilitate a conversation and knowledge sharing. We don’t know what to do, but you might. Collectively, we can overcome the challenges ahead. If you are in the sewn-goods industry and would like to participate in the conversation, please join us on Slack.

ALSO, if you are part of the medical community, join the discussion and tell us what you need and how to get it to you. OR, if you have funds available to finance donating PPE to healthcare professionals, feel free to join in.

Are you a sewn-goods professional looking to help with the current Covid-19 pandemic?

If you are sewing from home and want to do something to help, there is a group set up on Facebook that is organizing to make masks that don’t need to meet FDA standards at this time. They have instructions and information on how to make cloth masks to be collected by Multnomah County and distributed to members of the general public in order to save N95 and other FDA approved masks for medical professionals.

Are you sewing at home and want to help however you can right now?

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