About Us

The Portland Apparel Lab (PAL) is partnering with ADX to create a member-based maker space and business accelerator providing support and community for fashion innovators and entrepreneurs in Portland.

The Portland Apparel Lab concept was initiated because its founders recognized that despite a talent-rich and diverse lifestyle design community in Portland, the city remains resource-poor and lacks the services, resources and valued industry relationships necessary to launch and grow successful lifestyle and apparel companies.

ADX has been operating for over 5 years and refined their business model to best serve the needs of maker-entrepreneurs. They are a profitable company with three revenue streams including membership, classes and design/fabrication services. This model will be applied to PAL in a unique way that best serves the needs of fashion designers and sewn-product entrepreneurs.

The Lab itself is a modern industrial sewing facility with professional grade sewing equipment and digital tools for pattern making and illustration, in an open studio for PAL members. By working alongside other makers, PAL members gain knowledge and encouragement from one another. Industry professionals, including pattern makers, sewing technicians, technical developers and procurement consultants, will be available to serve members and help interpret their vision, bring their products to life and prepare members’ products for market.

There is not currently another known business entity in the greater Portland region that fulfills the market niche we perceive for the Portland Apparel Lab. PAL links creative talent with the business end of apparel and accessory ventures, from business planning through product development, marketing and sales stages. PAL is committed to supporting the next generation of apparel and accessories designers by collectively reducing the barrier-to-entry for its members and fostering a culture of innovation and community within the industry.

PAL’s unique mission to accelerate the growth and success of apparel start-ups, coupled with ADX’s proven business model for bringing makers together to share space, experience and equipment, will enable self-driven entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life faster and more efficiently than working in isolation. By harnessing Portland’s abundant creative talent, and providing needed access to essential resources, PAL+ADX will position our city as a hub for independent, affordable and sustainable apparel design innovation and business development.

If you are interested in membership and applying to the Portland Apparel Lab, please see our membership page for more details.