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Class: 3D Prototyping with Browzwear

Have you ever wanted to see what a style will look like before ever cutting into fabric? Welcome to 3D prototyping! In this new world, having the ability to put together a sample and fit it without having to be in the room with your fit model is key. Sending and modifying virtual garments is cheaper and faster, speeding up time to market. Companies are integrating 3D into their workflows, and employers will be looking for these skills when they add team members. The time to add this to your tool belt is now!

Our founder, Dawn Moothart, is a Browzwear certified instructor in both VStitcher and Lotta. Upon completion of our 6-week course, you’ll receive a certificate showing that you are qualified and competent in VStitcher software. Classes will be held over Zoom in 3-hour sessions once a week, and include one-on-one attention from the instructor or a teaching assistant during virtual office hours. One additional meeting will be held in week 7 to present and critique final projects.

It’s a crazy time out there, and working from home creates some “flexibility” in people’s schedules. (What day is it?!) We can accommodate 12 students per class and will collect names and email all interested students to find a day/time that works for most participants. Class groups will be formed on a first come/first served basis.

The next session of our 3D Prototyping Class will be starting soon. Are you interested in joining? Sign up here and we’ll be in touch.

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